when do babies sleep in a crib

When Do Babies Sleep In A Crib?

Honestly speaking, being a parent can be one of the hardest jobs in the world, not to mention doing it for the first time. From changing diapers to feeding them anytime they want to, to calming them down during tantrums, it’s really not as easy like eating peanuts. It really is not for the faint hearts, I must say.

Parenthood does not have a manual, so knowing when to do certain things at the right time might be a puzzle. You might have a question like, “When do babies sleep in a crib?”. Worry not, fellow parent, below are some of the signs that indirectly tell you “It’s time.”

Check the baby’s weight.

One of the first things to check if you’re planning on transitioning your baby is his weight. If your baby initially sleeps in a bassinet, check if it has a weight limit. Most bassinets available in the market have a weight limit of 10-20 lbs.

However, if you don’t have a manual of the bassinet with you, it’s best to take initiative. Now that you’re already a parent, practice on making decisions about your baby as early as possible. To be on the safe side, let your infant sleep in a crib if he reaches 15 lbs.

Here is a video on how to properly weigh your baby using a weighing scale at home.

Can your baby roll over?

One of the clear signs of knowing the appropriate time is when your little one can already roll over.  Although it’s every child’s milestone, it could be dangerous if he’s still sleeping in a bassinet. Bassinets are obviously shallower than cribs.

baby rolling

Other than a bassinet being shallow, they are also relatively less sturdy. To avoid any trouble, once you’ve witnessed your child’s ability to roll over, it’s time to move.

Think of your baby’s age.

According to AAP safe-sleep recommendations for infants, parents should let their baby sleep in their room for at least the first six months. However, pediatricians often recommend transitioning your baby from a bassinet to crib between three to six months. This time frame is when most babies start to learn how to roll over or sit up.

Look for visual clues.

Lastly, to answer your “When do babies sleep in a crib?” dilemma, look for obvious clues. Sometimes, your little one shows visual clues that will instantly and indirectly tell you that it’s time.

Some of these clues are when your baby constantly bangs his head or feet to the side of the bassinet, or if you’ve noticed him waking up all of a sudden and very frequently. If you feel like these activities are out of the ordinary, maybe it’s time to get your baby a crib.

You might think your little one is acting very strange, or he might look uncomfortable. It’s actually them sending you a signal. So, keep an eye, dear parents.

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