How To Make A Baby Sling?

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Learning how to make a baby sling is a skill an expecting parent should learn. Although a lot of baby slings are in the market, making your own means you can personalize and customize the baby sling for both the comfort of the wearer and the baby.

So, how to make a baby sling you ask? This article will help you make a ring baby sling in 3 easy steps.

The materials we need:

The Fabric

It is the biggest and the most important part of the baby sling since it should be able to provide comfort for the baby and should be strong enough to carry the baby’s weight.

Linen and denim fabrics are the go-to for this job, since both fabrics are strong and don’t change shape when under load. Also make sure the fabrics you’re going to use are smooth since rough fabrics will irritate and harm the baby’s skin.

linen fabric

2 Rings

The rings you are going to need is around 2 and a half to 3 inches in diameter. The rings should be strong enough to hold your sling together and would be responsible for making your sling adjustable.

Rings specified for making a baby sling are always available online, however, similar rings might be for sale on your local hardware store but always remember the rings should be made to be weight-bearing and should be smooth enough to not cause tears in your fabric.

baby sling rings

Sewing a ring sling

1. The first step is to prepare the right length of fabric you’re going to use. The ideal dimensions for your fabric should be 2 to 2 and a half yards in length and at least 36 inches in width. However, the exact length may vary depending on the size of the sling wearer. After cutting your fabric to the right side, hem both the long sides and one of the short side to restrict them from unweaving.

2. Fold the un-hemmed side of the fabric lengthwise back and forth making a fan-like structure along the long edge of the fabric. Make sure the folds are slightly bigger than the diameter of the rings. Secure the fold by taping, pinning, or using a loose stitch to make sure it won’t unravel on the next phase of the process

3. Pass the folded edge on the two rings. Fold the edge back over the rings and secure it with a very sturdy seam since it would be a weight bearing seem supporting your baby’s weight. Then remove the tape, pin, or loose stitch used to secure the folds.

Wearing your baby sling

To wear your baby sling, you need to pass the short edge through both rings and then feed it back on the bottom ring only. Wear the sling around the body and over one shoulder and make sure the rings are on the shoulder.

Pull the tail of the fabric that was feed to the rings to adjust the tightness of the baby sling. Make sure the excess tail is not too long because it can trip the wearer, otherwise you can fold and hem the excess tail to the right length.

baby sling

Safety precautions

The position of the baby in the baby sling is the greatest safety factor of the baby sling, even if you use the best material on your baby sling if the baby is not positioned properly then the baby is at great risk of suffocation. To eliminate this risk, make sure that the baby’s mouth and nose are always visible and aren’t covered by the sling’s fabric since it can cause suffocation.

Also, make sure that the baby’s chin is not curled to his chest since this position restricts the airways limiting the baby’s oxygen supply. Lastly, babies with breathing problems and very small babies are not advisable to be carried by a baby sling since the factors of suffocation increases because of their size and condition.

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