How To Get Your Baby Sleep In A Crib?

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Just like a normal DIY procedure, knowing how to get your baby sleep in a crib also requires you a few materials. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, having a full-size crib, firm mattress, a clear sleeping space without pillows, and most importantly, an optimal sleeping environment will help you get your baby a good sleep in a crib.

It is also noteworthy that the safest sleeping position for your baby is to put it down on their back, decreasing the chances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

1. Get the crib ready.

Start the act right by preparing the crib and making it extra comfortable for your baby. Make sure that the crib’s sheet has the right amount of coolness to avoid waking your baby up.

If your little one is used to falling asleep while being swaddled, chances are, he or she will crave for your smell during sleep. To avoid any mayhem caused by this, try sleeping on the crib’s sheets first before using it on your baby. This way, it will trick your baby into thinking you’re near him or her while sleeping.

For in-depth tips on how to prepare your baby’s crib, you can watch this video prepared by Homeveda Parenting.

2. Do it slowly but surely.

Getting your infant to sleep in a crib without you throughout the night definitely won’t happen overnight. It is important for parents to know that the baby needs to feel safe in his or her new sleeping environment.

Baby in a crib

Do things slow and easy by moving the crib into your room for the first few nights until the baby gets used to sleeping in it. You can also stay in the nursery (if you don’t want to move the crib into your room) during the first few nights of this stage until your infant falls asleep without needing your presence anymore. Giving our infant naps in the crib during the day will also give him or her the familiarity it needs to survive sleeping on it for longer hours.

3. Develop a routine.

After the struggle of putting your infants to sleep, you’ll eventually notice a sleeping pattern. The moment you’ll recognize this pattern, take advantage of it and create a routine. This routine all depends on your baby and what works for him and her, then stick to it.

Sleeping Baby

Being consistent with your daily routine will greatly help on how to get your baby sleep in a crib. May it be reading a book or playing with your baby’s favorite toy before putting them to sleep, they will find comfort in knowing what comes next.

The whole process might be uneasy for your little one, so you might want to brace yourself with all the fuss that comes with it. Thankfully, even if you’re not in the same room as your baby, you can still check on them by using a baby monitor.

Now that you’ve been enlightened by the ways on how to get your baby sleep in a crib, it’s time to get used to sleeping and waking up without a baby burrito by your side. This might be a difficult phase, but it’s necessary.

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