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Best Diaper Bags

Best Baby Diaper Bags : Top Picks



Graco FastAction Fold Jogger Click Connect Stroller
  • check
    11 pockets 
  • check
    Washable Material
  • check
    Multiple Use

Rated by: Lori

Jujube BFF


Cynebaby Convertible Bassinet Compact Stroller
  • check
    Washable, Strain and germ-resistant
  • check
    Multiple Use
  • check
    High-quality bag

Rated by: Lori



Baby Trend EZ Ride5 Travel System
  • check
    Cushioned shoulder-straps
  • check
    Sufficient (14) pockets
  • check
    Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Rated by: Lori

Bag Nation Diaper Bag

Parents mostly ensure, their babies get adequate comfort, safe environs, and hygienic products. (Yes, of course, the little member of the family would seek attention, love, and care.). When you get a product that provides all of above for your baby...that's praiseworthy. But when, in addition to "showering-flowers" at your baby, it offers comfort, coziness, and convenience to you...It's a double-gain scenario.

This ‘prelude’ was necessary before we present you a Diaper Bag. Yup...the multi-purpose Bag Nation Diaper Bag has swept the minds of US parents. These are ample reason behind that. Firstly, Bag Nation carefully makes its products considering parents' needs. Secondly, they rarely compromise on quality. Hence they provide an unlimited Lifetime Warranty along with an extended return policy. Thirdly, it has enhanced usability, functionality, and utility.

bag nation diaper bag backpack

Rated by: Lori


The US-based company is a name among the ‘moms and dads of the nation'. Why it should not be? After all, you are getting a bouquet of features and facilities in a Bag Nation Diaper Bag...that's great.

With multiple pockets and plenty of space, it can hold diapers, wipes, toys, creams, water/milk bottle, your laptop, cards,...and even your pussy cat! Jokes apart, this Diaper Bag is made to serve your purpose. This diaper backpack makes you hands-free so that you can work on other things or caress your baby with your smooth touch. 

Every pack carried a Bag Nation Diaper Bag, welcome guide, handy changing pad, diaper essentials, a pouch for sundry, etc. It has got a sleek, stylish, soothing look. Comes with 2 classic colors – black and grey, with a laptop like-persona, this bag is usable for both professional and personal purposes.

bag nation diaper bag features

It is equipped with adjustable straps to belt it to your stroller. You can take your baby for a stroller-ride or to a park, or for shopping at your ease. Don’t you think, Bag Nation Diaper Bag would provide you more freedom, less wastage of time, and convenience? Considering the size and number of compartments the weight is not much. It weighs 2.3 lbs/ 1000 grams) and measures (inches): 15l x 2.5w x 13.5h.

Featured with 14 pockets that enable to you organize baby supplies and your goods in a planned manner. Made of premium quality water-proof twill polyester, flawless stitching, tough zippers makes the bag durable. “Don’t take your imagination below your baby’s belts....as these bags are Unisex”.

We're repeating the best part. With every purchase of this diaper backpack, you're getting an unlimited Lifetime Warranty. To add the cherry on the top...it also offers an extended return policy for100 day whereas the Amazon has a 30 Day limitation. They are eagerly awaiting your queries throughout weeks and months.

They have 24/7 customer service to facilitate you. Unquestionably, Bag Nation Diaper Bag is a unique product that you must have that is superbly beneficial to your baby. It makes life fresh, fear-less, and facilities a seamless and fulfilling life experience.


  • Ergonomically cushioned shoulder-straps for the superior comfort
  • Anti-skid Stroller Straps ideal for hands-free activities
  • Sufficient (14) pockets are dedicated for a purpose/ an item; makes you organized
  • An unlimited Lifetime Warranty and an offer of extended 100 days return policy.


  • Large on your back compared with other Diaper Bags
  • Requires effort to open zippers

SoHo Designs Grand Central Station 7 Pieces Diaper Bag

Top class fabrics, great design, ample room, spacious pockets, enhanced functionality, and durability. These are the traits of an impressive Diaper Bag. What more can you ask for...as you're getting all these in Grand Central Station 7-Piece Diaper Bag, the popular creation from SoHo Designs.

Soho Designs Grand Central Station has a seamless design, practical structure, cool look, and faultless functionality. It’s made in such a way, any toddler; mom or dad can fall in love with it. Packed with all the necessary features the bag is quite roomy and its 11 pockets allow you to easily organize things.

soho designs grand central station 7 pieces diaper bag

Rated by: Lori


This Tote Diaper Bag has all the regular features along with some unique ones. It is conventional and modern at the same time. As a parent, you must try this bag for which you'll not repent. You don't have to break your bank to buy this multipurpose bag. It could be used as a hand-carried tote, a shoulder bag, or to just to hung on the stroller while you’re on the go.

The central compartment is quite spacious to accommodate different baby-supplies. Multiple pockets allow you to keep diapers and other stuff in an organized way. The back compartments let you store all your valued-items.

 7 pieces diaper bag

When you are busy or into multi-tasking, these compartments provide easy access to the bagged items. The side-pockets can be used to carry bottles. Easy access means convenience, time-saving, and effectiveness. There is tiny personal purse with zippered closure along with a carrying strap that allows moms and dads to take care of their baby without sacrificing their other work. You can keep your credit card, cash, and keys in this unisex bag. There is a padded pocket that can hold tablets/ laptops up to 14 inches.

The Soho Grand Central is equipped with an easy-to-hold top handle and a matching padded changing station. The textured fabrics are Phthalate-free, waterproof, and insulated. With the advantages of stroller straps and cushioned changing pad, this multifunctional bag hangs precisely on a stroller.  

SoHo Grand Central bags are versatile in their functionality and usability. This lightweight (2 lbs/ 907 grams) measures (inches): 15l x 2.5w x 13.5h. Undoubtedly, it is a must-have product for parents who wish to make their life clean, clear, and cozy.

SoHo, based in Connecticut, US market its affordable products through Amazon. Operating since 2006, SoHo has gained its popularity for quality products, fast delivery, and friendly customer service. There is no wonder...many US moms and dads prefer this product over its counterparts from the other manufacturers.


  • Enough (11) pockets to keep everything organized.
  • Washable Material: Makes it convenient to clean & keep up hygiene
  • Multiple Use - Used as a hand-carried tote or a shoulder bag or to hung on stroller


  • Zipper quality is questionable
  • One side is heavier than the other, may discomfort your shoulders
  • Not always feasible to carry hands-free

JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag

Diaper Bags have created a craze-for-convenience phenomenon among modern US moms (also dads). Carrying baby is emotional; a ‘statement of love', while carrying baby-essentials is an ‘expression of boring-duty' for most parents.

Again, in the twenty-first century, as a modern-age parent, you need to balance between your home (read: attention to baby) and work. The contemporary lifestyle is demanding. Realizing this, JJ Cole has come up with JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag which is stylish-unparalleled, functional-unlimited, and versatile-verifiable.

jj cole satchel diaper bag

Rated by: Lori


JJ Cole Diaper Bags have got a great look that comes in 8 shades of colour and complex linings. Made from 100% Polyester/ 100% Laminated Polyester/ 100% Polyurethane, this portable bag is tough, durable, and stylish. The 11 pockets make it convenient to keep different things in separate compartments for easy traceability ad accessibility. It has a removable, padded shoulder strap for easy and comfortable carry of the bag. The grip stroller attachment enables you to hang it on the stroller without slide. Alternatively, you can use the bag like a tote or carry bag.

Spacious Interior offers multiple compartments to organize baby’s (and yours as well) necessities. You can keep a load of things inside it when you are on move. The exterior has easy to access zippered pockets. It allows you to quickly access the pouch as and when required. There are 7 exterior pockets which are crafted to keep those items that require multiple accesses throughout the day. The 4 interior pockets in the bag can carry extra diapers, food items for your baby, napkins, etc. Although, there are many outer and inner pockets they are not enough to accommodate your laptop or a big-sized object like that.

jj cole satchel diaper bag features
jj cole satchel diaper bag features

In addition to that, there is a fitting bottle pocket. It is suitably placed for easy access to the bottle. These in-built pouches make you keep ‘B' between ‘A' and ‘C'. Yes, you can keep your things where it should be to make it effortlessly traceable. It also minimizes time wastage. When you are organized, you can efficiently focus on your little cutie-pie and serve her/him with instant requirements.

A changing pad is integrated with the JJ Cole Diaper Bag so that your baby gets a clean and hygienic way to attend the ‘natures call’. It weighs (2.8 lbs/ 1.27 kg) and measures (inches): 18.5l x 8.5w x 11h. A premier product from JJ Cole Collections, a US-based company, dedicated to bringing unmatched products that exemplify effectiveness. JJ Cole Diaper Bags are getting increasing popularity among busy parents who wish to carry their baby when they are on-the-go. A perfect product for modern moms (and dads) to attain their kid and achieve in their work, simultaneously, seamlessly, and successfully!!!


  • Easily accessible multiple (11) pockets
  • Spacious and comfortable to hold different baby-necessities
  • Multiple Use – You can carry as a hand-carried tote or hung on the stroller to go out.


  • Overall quality has some quality issue
  • Material quality is dubious

Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag with Matching Changing Pad, Duo Signature, Chevron

A well-equipped diaper bag can save the day of a mom or a dad (for that matter). These ‘fancy-but-functional’ bags are useful, especially when you want to be hands-free, organized, and manage your time. If you get a diaper bag that has plenty of pockets and space that unleashes half of your worry. Apart from diapers, you can carry a whole load of baby-essentials in it. Considering these requirements, Duo Signature has aptly come out with Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag, styled with Chevron prints.

The Duo Signature still sports all its traditional apparatus of the original. The patented shuttle clips are still there that effortlessly switch it from a shoulder bag to a stroller bag. Signature is a classic redesign from the Skip Hop exclusively for the modern parents. 

skip hop messenger diaper bag

Rated by: Lori


Skip Hop has shown its maturity in making carefully-curated products to justify their fitting tagline - 'Must-Haves*Made Better'.

The latest version of Duo Signature Bags has a pack of new features. These upgraded features are incorporated based on the requests of moms and dads of the US, claimed by Skip Hop. These bags are featured with tote handles for flexibility, an easy-access tech pocket, zip-top closure that makes sure your baby’s stuff stay firmly in respective compartments of the bag.

The bag, made of high-quality polyester is also equipped with 10 pockets with zip closure and 2 flexible interlock side pockets to accommodate bottles (of any size). The modifiable shoulder strap along with adjustable slip-on shoulder pad allows you to modify it from roughly 27" to 50". Faux leather trim (Grey Melange & Soft Slate only) solace you, no animal is killed in making of your bag. It is studded with patented shuttle clips that make it convenient to attach with the provided anti-skid stroller straps. This light weight (1.3 lbs/ 590 grams) measures (inches): 13l x 6w x 14h.

skip hop messenger diaper bag features
skip hop messenger diaper bag features

Well designed front panel facilitates for extra storage, stability, and solidity that enhances your accessibility to articles that are stuffed inside. The contrasting lining enhances the visibility of the bag as well as locating each pocket. A customized pacifier pocket is there to accommodate toys of your toddler. It comes with a washable changing pad. You need not go for an extra bag to carry your laptop. It holds laptops/ tablets up to 15".
When you are buying this product you are reaffirming your continuing trust in this New York-based company that is ruling the market with their best-selling products since 2003. Skip Hop has carved its name in the minds of the parents, babies and kids alike, as a globally recognized trusted brand.

No wonder, these new-age bags are getting sky-rocketing popularity among the US moms. Why not? After all, these are elegant, well-curated, smartly designed, and effective functional solutions that simplify your decision-making. 


  • Anti-skid Stroller Straps ideal for hands-free activities
  • Sufficient (11) pockets to be ultra-organized
  • Versatile Use – can carry laptop/ tablets easily
  • Washable material makes it easy to clean & maintain hygiene


  • Small compared with other diaper bags.
  • Does not support 15″ laptop as described.
  • Can’t be converted to backpacks
  • One side is heavier than the other, may discomfort your shoulders

Jujube BFF Convertible Diaper Bag

Functionality, convertibility, and extended utilities are the essence of a good Diaper Bag. It must have adequate much features to provide you with care, comfort, convenience. If you get all these added with high-quality durable fabric, elegantly designed, stylish look, cool color options, and multiple pockets to accommodate your entire baby's (and yours) need. Then it's ‘icing on the cake'. Is there a bag that fulfills all these needs and aspirations of US parents?

The answer is...yes, it is extremely trendy - Jujube BFF Covetable Diaper Bag. This gender-neutral bag comes in four color options to choose from. It can be converted from a backpack to a messenger bag and vice-versa.

jujube bff convertible diaper bag

Rated by: Lori


Jujube BFF Covertable Diaper Bag is made to organize baby-essentials (and yours). There are out-and-out compartments for specific uses. In the main compartment, you're getting 4 inset pockets and 3 zippered pockets. Two insulated pockets are there to hold boiled milk or water. Besides, a transparent pocket is also fitted to keep keys and a quick-reach pocket to place your cell-phone. Multiple carrying and storage options unleash your tension by half.

The Convertible Diaper Bag is easy to clean and maintain hygiene. Thanks to stain-resistant Teflon fabric protector that keeps strains away because of its repulsive quality. Agion treatment also protects the liner from and growth of bacteria and bad-odor. It is washable both manually and in the machine.

You would always try to see what additional features your bag has. After all...”This heart desires more”. The bag also features metal hardware, crumb drain, magnetic closures, and the changing pads.

jujube bff convertible diaper bag exterior

Ju-Ju-Be provides extra comfort to your shoulder by employing removable foamed shoulder bag straps. Tote handles are non-skid and provide the option to convert your bag as per your comfort and cause.

The Jujube BFF Bag is perfectly sized balancing your space requirement and bulkiness of the bag. This lightweight (2.8 lbs/ 1.3 kg) measures (inches): 14 x 6.5 x 12. Undeniably, it is a must-have product for moms and dads who want to craft their life as per their ‘own’ conditions.

Ju-Ju-Be, based in Southern California, US sensibly incorporate the latest technology, trendy styling, and tough materials to make Diaper Bags. With a range of high-quality bags, they are a well-recognized name in this niche.

Aptly, many US parents choose Jujube BFF Covetable Diaper Bag over similar products from other competitors. The bag is so useful that you may call it a "peace of mind". The good part is – when purchased from an Authorized Ju-Ju-Be, you are getting a Lifetime Limited Warranty against manufacturing defects on this premium bag.


  • Quite spacious and organized with 9 pockets
  • Washable, Strain and germ-resistant (with Teflon fabric protector)
  • Multiple Use - Used as a hand-carried tote or a shoulder bag or to hung on a stroller.


  • Expensive in comparison to products from the counterparts
  • Pockets and changing pad are quite small in size
  • Weak zipper
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