What Is Child Obesity and What Are the Effects of it

What Is Child Obesity and What Are the Effects of it

A child is said to be obese when he or she is overweight. Overweight means excessive accumulation of fat in their body.  Fat is stored in adipose tissue under the skin, above the muscles and around the internal organs. A child, whether boy or girl, is obese when his or her BMI(Body Mass Index) is more, in relation to his age and height. BMI of girls and boys vary.

A child who is obese has to face many health related problems due to his overweight. Obesity is most prevalent in higher and middle income groups and also in double income families. This is a recent phenomenon in our country which was unheard some years ago. One of the reasons being nuclear families with large disposable income, protective parenthood, little moving spaces in the community, and thanks to the advanced technology bringing in computer based games which allow your child to sit and play on the chair instead of playing in the playground.

Along with technology and globalized market economy many fast foods have entered our region which adds to the woes of the present generation.  Watching television for endless hours aimlessly makes them obese kids to obese adolescents. This lethargic and sedentary life style also affects their thinking. Untimely eating habits and also eating large portions of meals can slowly make a child obese. Intake of food should be monitored and a child should be made to feel that he is full and satisfied rather than overfeeding in the name of love and pampering.

Gone are the days when mothers toiled in the kitchen to satisfy the hunger pangs of growing children. In modern times, in most families, everything is packed, preserved and provided instantly to the kids in sachets which add empty calories. These junk foods cause cravings in the kids as they contain some additives which are added in them to spice up shelf life. Parents should resist the tantrums of their kids and must not succumb to them by pacifying them with junk food. Regular eating out in restaurants, eating foods rich fat like cheese, oil, butter, sugar instead of fresh fruits and vegetables etc lead to child obesity.

Obesity makes kids feel inferior and it becomes difficult to motivate them. So nip the bud in early stage and give them a balanced diet. Obese kids will be prone to cardio vascular disease, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure, cholesterol, along with additional problems like sleep paean, asthma and early puberty.  Obesity weakens the joints too and it can restrict their movement as they age. Parents should set an example by eating a diet with enough fiber which is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce binging on oily and fried stuff.

As obesity demoralizes the kids they develop mood swings. It is traumatic for the kid to go through this ordeal of various ailments crippling of his lovely childhood. The child might have reduced capacity to concentrate on his studies, as his is preoccupied with thoughts of being obese and teased by his peers. His parents and teachers must give a helping hand to gain his self-esteem and fight obesity with the diet prescribed by the physician.

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