Breastfeeding Diet To Increase Milk Production

Breastfeeding Diet To Increase Milk Production

Healthy diet is very important for pregnant women as well as for breastfeeding mothers. But many women gain weight during pregnancy and hence they want to reduce weight by decreasing the amount of food intake after delivery. But this is neither good for your health nor for your child. You must continue consuming nutritious foods for sufficient milk production.

Given below is a list of foods that increases milk supply hence these foods are also known as breastfeeding diet.

Oats: It is known as one of the best foods for breastfeeding mothers. This food is also known as lactogenic food because it increases milk production. Oats also gives you the feeling of fullness and is full of fiber and antioxidants that help you in weight loss. Hence oats provide you double benefits: it burns fats and it increases milk production. This food is full of iron that keeps your blood circulation smooth and you do not feel weak. You can eat oats 2-3 times a day.

Barley: It is also highly recommended if you want to increase your breast milk production. Barley not only increases milk supply but it also causes weight loss because it is a powerhouse of fiber. Many pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes which may continue even after delivery but barley is very effective in preventing diabetes. Soluble fiber present in barley reduces the absorption of sugar from the food you eat and hence it decreases the risk of the development of Type 2 Diabetes. Phytochemicals and fiber present in barley also lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease. This food is full of antioxidants, vital vitamins and minerals hence it provides you energy as well is very healthy for your child.

Coloured Vegetables:
 There are different kinds of vegetables that increase breast milk production. Vegetables which are red in colour or deep coloured such as carrots, beets etc are very beneficial in production of breast milk because they contain beta-carotene and other powerful antioxidants such as Vitamin A etc. Dark green leafy vegetables such as beet leaves, kale, and collard green are also good sources of vital nutrients such as iron, calcium etc. These minerals promote breast milk supply.

Fenugreek seeds are also very effective in increasing milk production. You should talk to your doctor or health professionals if you feel that your breast milk production is less. You health professionals would suggest you how to use fenugreek seeds. Some supplements of fenugreek seeds are also available in the market in different forms.

You must drink plenty of water if you want to increase breast milk production. Whether you feel the need of drinking water or not, it is recommended that after breastfeeding you should drink one glass of water. This will keep you hydrated and will encourage milk production.

Do not eat any food that can harm your baby because any food or drink you consume enters your baby’s system through your breast milk. Hence you should avoid consuming alcohol, caffeine, cow’s milk and other foods that would harm your baby. However, you can consume goat’s milk because it is very good for health and easily digestible.

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