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10 Reason why I Love being Pregnant

I just love being pregnant and i’m enjoying every minute of it. now i give you 10 reasons why that is.

1. It is now more acceptable to take naps multiple times a day.

I am tired all the time. and that’s an understatement. I am working my butt off to try and make/save as much money as we can for the next 4 months and it’s exhausting.

I come home and don’t want to do anything but lay in our comfy king bed and sleep for hours. but it’s okay! I need my rest.

2. My ta ta’s have grown & will keep growing.

For the first time in my life i have cleavage!

Sorry mom & dad and any family members that are reading this but it’s true and it’s awesome. Now that the tenderness has gone away, I’m all for it. Also, now i have an excuse to go buy pretty new bra’s!

3. I don’t have to feel guilty eating when I want and what I want.

I love not feeling guilty (well too guilty) about eating that extra piece to pizza or that extra scoop of ice cream. Don’t worry, I’m also eating my fruits and veggies but the extras are just a plus.

I’ve also learned that food cravings are no joke. i had my first one last Friday night for Mexican food. It was all I could think about for hours and I just had to have it.

Once i got it, it was like the best thing in the world….. weird.

4. My hair is even thicker and shinier and more luxurious than ever.

These prenatal vitamins are not only great for the baby but great for my hair too!

It’s growing faster, growing thicker, and feeling softer than ever. yippie!

5. Being waited on.

My husband has been the most amazing person through this whole experience so far. He protects me, takes care of me, and helps me whenever I need it.

I couldn’t imagine going through this with anyone else. Also, it’s pretty cool being treated like princess 🙂 this baby making is hard work!

6. The love and support you receive from all your friends & family.

It is seriously incredible. Me and my husband are both so surprised with the love we have received from every single person who now knows about this little baby of ours. Everyone is just as excited as we are and wants to spoil him/her just as much as we do!

We received our first gift from my good friend last week and it was a large book of 5-minute bed time stories. I can’t wait for husband to start reading them to my belly!

I am getting much more emotional these days and i started crying when i opened it. A previous boss of mine also gave me a nutrition book that his wife read while she was pregnant. We are so thankful for everyone 🙂

7. Making a baby registry and spending hours on pinterest.

I’ve been spending probably way to many hours on baby sites and pinterest just pinning away random baby and even toddler things. I am getting in way over my head and my husband thinks I am probably insane but whatever, i can’t stop.

It’s all way too exciting and it will be even more exciting when we know which side we need to lean towards (boy or girl?!).

8. Staring at my sonogram pictures multiple times a day.

Being able to look at them whenever i want is incredible. each time it takes me back to the memory of the first time we saw it squirming inside of me and waving it’s little arms.

9. New clothes.

I know i can’t be spending a lot on things for myself but eventually i’m going to have no choice.

Luckily for me, I’m going to be a lot bigger throughout the summer so that means i have an excuse to buy new dresses and maxi skirts. They can expand with my belly and then i can wear them when i get small again! perfect!

10. Settling on baby names and knowing in 7 weeks we will know which one to call it!

I can’t wait for the day we can stop calling this baby “it” and start calling it one of the names we picked out for a boy or a girl!

I’m so surprised how quickly we came up with names that we both loved. i guess this was meant to be!

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